How to Write a Fantastic Movie Review

It takes a special type of person to know how to movie review. Simple, uneducated reviews are a dime a dozen. We are going to give you tips to make your reviews stand-out from the rest!

Watch the movie more than once
You are going to want to know the film inside and out. This will help you to provide certain nuances for the readers of the reviews.

Is it based on a book?
If the film is based on a book, you could add more depth to your review by comparing the differences. Films and books are typically different in certain ways. Films may veer in other directions.

Skip the spoilers
Spoilers can make people feel like they get the gist of the movie, plus upset them. This will prevent them from going out and obtaining it. They will end up missing out on the film. Do not provide spoilers. If you must, make sure you add a warning.

Back up your criticism
If you find yourself criticizing the material of the movie, back it up. For example, if you find something to be unrealistic, back-up why in an intellectual way. Don’t be short with it. That’s unprofessional.

Discuss the actors performances
Did they do a good job? Why, or why not? Were they unbelievable? Did they provide sub-par acting? Were they right for the role(s) that they played?

Did the movie do the characters justice?
Think about the characters, especially the main ones. Was there enough background? Did you feel satiated with the actor bringing that character to life? Were there issues with how they were presented?

Background music and effects
Did everything in the background mesh well with the story-line and scenes? Was the music perfectly timed? Was the lighting good or bad? Did you see a boom mic a few times throughout the movie? Think about these little intricacies and others such as location and era relativity.